The Electronics and Electro-Optics Cluster of the KADDB  aims to bring Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Systems in-step with cutting edge technology and needs of the defence industry.

Aselsan Middle East (AME)

Aselsan Middle East (AME)

AME is a high technology, multi-product company that aims to design, develop and produce state-of-the-art Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Systems for military and professional applications. AME additionally acts as a local repair and maintenance centre for its products.

AME is an affiliation between KADDB  and ASELSAN (Turkey), as an affiliate of the Electronics and Electro-Optics Cluster of the Group.

AME Facilities are located in the KADDB Industrial Park (KIP).


AME’s Night Vision Devices are passive, high-technology optical instruments equipped with image intensifier tubes that allow easy, clear distinction of objects at long ranges. AME’s Night Vision products include the A100 Night Vision Monocular Goggle, the A340 4X Night Vision Weapon Sight, and the A360 6X Night Vision Weapon Sight.

AME also provides complete system solutions with modern, compact, low-weight and cost-effective devices for day and thermal sight applications.

P.O.Box : 2014, Amman 11181, Jordan

Fax : (+962) - 2 - 629 - 8010

Phone : (+962) - 2 - 629 - 8000

Email : info@aselsanmiddleeast.com

Website : www.aselsanmiddleeast.com