Future Scientists Initiative

In mid-2019, KADDB sought to attract distinguished Jordanian university graduates with different academic degrees and excellent skills and competencies to empower and sculpt them into future scientists and equip them with the knowledge to abreast of all the advances in the scientific, technological and research fields.
In this context, the Future Scientists Initiative was launched aiming to create a human capital in the field of defense technology.
The long-term initiative will provide training in various fields of defense technology, including armored vehicles, multi-use machinery, weapons and ammunition, along with various military equipment and computer-assisted metalworking. Participants will also receive training in the fields of cybersecurity, virtual reality, encryption and nanotechnology.
KADDB offers the elite of scientists a first-hand experience of defense technology services and an opportunity to discover the industry by attending workshops, industrial tours, lectures and events both internationally and in the region as it is home to the defense and security industry in Jordan and is a player for research and development and engineering in the region which provides a fantastic occasion for the most talented graduates to discover the capabilities hosted in the country.
By the end of the program, graduates will have gained an in-depth insight into the defense and security industry as KADDB will also support them in the continuation of their educational journey and future career.