Research & Development

Research and Development at KADDB is a mission-oriented activity, which includes research, design, development, fabrication, and test & evaluation. This includes various areas of interest including Land systems, electronic and aerospace. This effort is implemented by following best practices in project management.
Our R&D facilities are designed to deliver defense solutions that achieve the requirements of KADDB partners especially the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) and other security agencies in Jordan and the region. This is accomplished by involving the end user in the process of requirements management in early stages of the project, creating cost-effective and high quality solutions.
In addition, our R&D activities focus on achieving technology advances and knowledge transfer through research efforts by KADDB team in addition to research efforts in cooperation with universities and research institutions. Moreover, one of our main R&D activities is the involvement in the process of identification, selection, recruitment and training the next generation of Jordanian engineers and technicians.


Land Systems:
Tactical, Armored and Artillery Vehicles, this segment includes but not exclusively the following projects:
  • Armored 4x4 APC platforms; such as Al Jawad MK4 and the medium-weight Al Wahsh
  • Armored 6x6 APC / AFV platform (Al Faris)
  • Armored 8x8 APC / AFV platform (Al Mared)
  • Modified vehicles
  • Light tactical 4x4 vehicles for Special Operations missions; such as Al Ghazal & Al Meghwar.
  • Light armored 4x4 vehicles with high mobility for internal security missions; such as Al Washaq & Al Maha that can be effectively used in urban areas.

Modernized artillery solutions

  • 155mm Howitzer on 6X6 Platform:

155mm howitzer gun integrated on 6x6 wheeled vehicle, it was designed to suit artillery requirements (shoot and scoot) since it needs minimal efforts to reduce the readiness time, and it designed to be transported by C130.


  • KADDB design on 6x6 wheeled chassis.
  • Can be used by artillery to support troops in different missions.
  • Ability to be transported to any location
  • The gun is equipped with a reliable electrohydraulic control system
  • Transportable by C130

155mm Howitzer on 6X6 Platform (Under Development)

  • 105mm Gun on Al- Wahsh:

105mm (M102) gun integrated on Al-Wahsh 4x4 vehicle, the gun is equipped with an electrohydraulic control system to provide high accurate firing, and suit artillery requirements (shoot and scoot) with minimal efforts to reduce the readiness time.


  • KADDB hull design on TATRA chassis.
  • STANAG 4569 KE L1 protection level.
  • Reliable Independent suspension system to provide firing stability.
  • Can be used by artillery corps to support quick and short ranges missions.
  • Ability to be used against fortifications and as anti-tank weapon.
  • Ammunition: 24 (105 mm projectiles)

105mm Gun on Al- Wahsh (Under Development)

Electrical, Electronics and Aerospace:

  • IR lights for night vision operations:
  • Water and rations heater
  • Jammers, this includes multi types of Jammers such as Spy Jammers, GPS Jammer, multiband RF Jammer.
  • Communication, command & control systems

Aerospace projects:

  • Airframe Structural design
  • Aerodynamics design
  • Computational Fluid dynamics calculations
  • Mathematical modeling of dynamic systems
  • Aircraft stability and Control
  • Guidance and Navigation applications
  • UAV Autopilot design
  • Stabilized Gimbals
  • Autonomous Systems (Areal and Ground)