Law Enforcement (Police Solutions)

Law Enforcement (Police Solutions)

Police Solutions Implementations

  • Police Cars
  • Anti-riot vehicles
  • SWAT vehicles
  • Mobile Investigation Units
  • Mobile Police Station Units

Police Car

  • Police car fitted with a Front & Rear bumpers with rubber shock absorbers
  • GRP partition with a transparent plate of Polycarbonate fitted in the region behind the driver's head to facilitate the vision of the mirror
  • Warning lights System with powerful Light Bar fitted on the roof, with addition extra lighting and flashes solutions
  • Public address System with high-Performance Speakers (Siren System)
  • Ability to add Communications service which uses packet technology to send data via networks (GPRS), Navigational Satellite Timing and Ranging - Global Positioning System (GPS) systems
  • Monitoring system; high quality cameras that are connected to a computer inside the car. These cameras could be connected to a main server computer to send the pictures taken to the operations room which provides a high response in tracking the targets
  • Flexible Map Light with a halogen light to read the maps while the vehicle in a duty

 Anti-Riot Vehicles and Buses

  • Anti-Riot Bus:
    • Front & Rear bumpers with rubber shock absorbers fitted to protect the front of the vehicle
    • Steel mesh or transparent polycarbonate added to the front and rear driving lights, front wind shield, side windows and rear windows
    • Weapon and equipment lockers and storage
    • Gun Holders to fit the guns in
    • Rear seats to carry the passengers
    • Gun ports are able to throw the tear gas bombs
    • Good insulation from what??
    • Extra camera

  •  Anti-Riot Vehicle and Troop Carrier:
    • A heavy duty chassis used for this type of vehicles
    • The rear cabinet is made by high isolation sandwich panel material
    • The rear cabinet is able to carry 10 to 25 fully equipped persons
    • Heavy duty air conditioning system added to the passengers cabinet
    • Lockers to save the munitions and the tools that used for antiriot fixed in the passenger cabinet
    • The vehicle is designed to be unable to climb on
    • The wheels are covered to be protected
    • Changes are applicable according to customer requirements
    • Providing Anti-riot solutions (water Canon, waves ..)