KADDB Encryption Research Center (KERC)

KADDB Encryption Research Center (KERC)

A national encryption center able to develop and modify cryptographic algorithms and systems to protect data confidentiality as it is stored, exchanged and transmitted via computers, transmission devices and smart phones on various networks.

The Encryption Center team is in charge of the preparation and training of the following courses:

  • Electronic Camouflaging
  • Public View Analysis
  • Attacking Social Media
  • Secure Information and Cellular Communication

Tools and Applications:

  • KADDB Data Storage Shredder

A professional state-of-the-art tool to complete data shredding processes using a range of operations in order to provide secure deletion removing data and making it unrecoverable.

  • m-Shredder

An application used to shred media data in Android devices as images, audio and video, as well as documents, completely removing them and making them unrecoverable.


An application used to send encrypted SMS messages to contacts using the application with a user-friendly interface. The application can also act as a normal SMS application without encryption.