Covert Mini-Flood Light “Near-Infrared”

Covert Mini-Flood Light “Near-Infrared”

Product Number  


Number of LEDs  

2 LEDs

Operating Voltage  

11-30 VDC

Current Consumption  

(0.150) Amps at 12VDC.

Beam Angle  


Beam Pattern  

Flood Pattern.

Material Housing  

Aluminum Anodized.

Housing Color  

Silver or Black Anodized.

External Dimensions (mm)   

85-L  55-W  40-H

Mounting Type  

Flanged side plates for easy wall mounting.

Total Weight (g)  


Ingress Protection  


Operating Temperature Range   

-20° C~ 60° C

Storage Temperature Range  

-30° C ~ 71° C

Relative Humidity  

Up to 98%

Over-voltage Protection  

Maximum Operating Voltage + (10VDC)

Reverse Polarity Protection.



The Covert Mini-Flood light gives military and security operators the ability to provide covert illumination, which is critical advantage that can achieve good quality CCTV pictures during darkness while avoiding the restriction of using bright visible light, and to enhance the night vision capabilities whilst operated using Night Vision Goggles.